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October 6, 1999

CyberTeams Releases Updated Products


CyberTeams®, an Artemis Society International sponsor and Artemis Project Program Participant, has updated their product line.

CyberTeams® WebSite Director® 1.3 Enhances Microsoft® Windows NT® Support and Expands UNIX Security Options

September 29, 1999, Mt. Airy, MD - CyberTeams®, Inc. has released version 1.3 of WebSite Director, its premier content management system, which includes enhanced support for web servers running under Microsoft Windows NT, and full compatibility with Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0.  WebSite Director version 1.3 was rated highest in workflow management in PCWeek?s Shoot-Out results published on September 13, 1999.

PCWeek wrote "With a capacity for 32 levels of workflow, WebSite Director provided some of the most thorough and extensive workflow of all the products tested in the Shoot-Out."  WebSite Director 1.3 also includes significant security enhancements for operation in UNIX environments. This is the last 1.x release of WebSite Director, setting the stage for WebSite Director 2.0, scheduled for Beta release in 4th quarter of 1999.

"The PCWeek Shoot-Out results ratify our focus on workflow support for web content management," said Frederick J. Hitt, Vice-President of Technology and Sales for CyberTeams.  "The additional functionality in this version of WebSite Director makes it the ideal web content management solution for the Windows NT platform, sending a clear signal that we are not a 'UNIX-only' solution."

In addition to full compatibility with MSIE5 and Netscape 4.6, version 1.3 of WebSite Director includes support for Lotus Domino web servers and the latest version of the Apache web server operating in the Windows NT environment.  New database support for mSQL 2.x and MySQL under Windows NT provide additional options to the ODBC support in previous releases of WebSite Director.

WebSite Director targets web-site content management environments with extensive workflow and team collaboration requirements.  The browser-based user interface of all WebSite Director components promotes remote access for installation and operation of WebSite Director in both intranet and Internet environments.  Because of its support of a large number of server platforms, plus the choice of several security models, WebSite Director is the ideal web-content management solution for Internet Service Provider (ISP) and other distributed hosting environments.

Randall Severy, President and CEO of CyberTeams, says "This release sets the stage for the Microsoft Web Folders and Distributed Authoring and Versioning (WebDAV) support in our upcoming 2.0 release of WebSite Director."

New pricing and extended payment options make WebSite Director 1.3 the "best buy" web content management solution available today!

Pricing and Availability

An "Entry-level" WebSite Director installation can be purchased for $6,000.00 or licensed for $1,200.00 annually.  "Enterprise Systems" permanent licenses are sold for $25,000.00 or can be licensed for $5,000.00 annually.  Customers can also purchase installation, setup, and workflow configuration support, including 3 months of configuration management, for $1,500.00 per system.  Following the initial 3 months, ongoing configuration support is available for $150/month per server on a monthly basis.  Full pricing disclosure is available at

Installation and support services for multiple installations of WebSite Director on the same server for the same organization are priced at an 80% discount per additional installation.  Multi-server discounts and Site Support Agreements are also available by calling the CyberTeams Sales Office at +1 304 229-8988, toll free where available at (888) 832-5575, or by e-mail to

Significant discounts are available to members of the CyberTeams All-Stars Reseller community.  On-line information regarding the All-Stars reseller program is available at:

About CyberTeams

Headquartered in the Washington, DC area, CyberTeams develops workflow-based web content management and team collaboration tools, for use on the World Wide Web and corporate intranets.  Products include the award-winning WebSite Director lite web content management system, TeamWSD lite simplified web-content management for ISPs and web hosting organizations, and WebSite Director®, the most comprehensive web-content workflow management system available at this time. You can contact CyberTeams for more information through its web site, or via email to

Frederick J. Hitt,
CyberTeams, Inc. (301) 829-6144,

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