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21 August 1999

Lunar Traders Expands Their On-Line Catalog

Lunar Traders Lunar Traders

Artemis Project program participant Lunar Traders have expanded their on-line catalog with new items in every category.

They have added a ton of new books and some new art and they want to tell you all about it. Included in the update are science fiction books like The Ganymede Club, Higher Education, A King Of Infinite Space, and Project Avalon.

How do you go to the bathroom in space?

In the Space and Science Fact section, the additions include:

  • How Do Astronauts Scratch An Itch? by astronaut William Pogue
  • How Do You Go To The Bathroom In Space? by William Pogue
  • Outer Space: Problems of Law and Policy
  • Planet Quest
  • Comet Quest
  • What If the Moon Didn't Exist?

If that's not enough, Lunar Traders is still offering the hit television series From The Earth To The Moon, starring Tom Hanks, on VHS tape for just $70. And subscriptions and Issue #1 of Artemis Magazine for just $15!

If you want to join Artemis Society International or renew your membership you can do it right from the Lunar Traders web site.

Check them out at

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