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25 May 1999

The Artemis Project Web Site has a new home!

As of May 25th, 1999, the Artemis Project web site now has a new home, on a dedicated server purchased by CyberTeams and hosted by pair Networks. The new server will soon be the home of the following Artemis Project-related organizations:

The Artemis Project
Bigelow Aerospace
CyberTeams, Inc.
LRC Publications, Inc.
LunaSoft Company
Lunar Reclamation Society, Inc.
The Lunar Resources Company
The Lunar Society
Lunar Traders
The Moon Society
Savage Research
TransOrbital, Inc.

The new server will solve all of the problems that have been going on in recent months on the Artemis Project domain, from disk quota limitations to mailing list delivery problems. The new server will provide a vast increase in disk space and significantly improved performance compared to the old server. The new server will also clear the way to provide a variety of new services that have been on hold until we had the proper infrastructure to host those services. Over the next few months you will see announcements about those new services.

As with any transition of this magnitude, there are bound to be occasional glitches that show up on the web site and services that don't work quite right at first. If you see anything unusual on the web site or on the ASI mailing lists that is working differently than before or not working at all, please inform Randall Severy at

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