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3 February 1999

Artemis Society Advertising Banner Available Now!

Join Artemis Society International!

Put this banner on your web site
and help the Artemis Society grow!

Just about the easiest thing you can do to help assure your future in space is to put this banner on your web site, with a link back to the Artemis Project web. All you have to is copy this html code ...

  <a href=""><img 
    width=468 height=60 border=0 
    hspace=8 vspace=8
    alt="Join Artemis Society International!"></a>

... and paste it into the pages of your web site.

We recommend you pull the image from, rather than copying it to your server. That way the image will be updated automatically if we change it. However, you are welcome to copy it to your server if you want to make sure it does not change.

The list of sites that display the Artemis Society Banner is in Appendix K of the Artemis Data Book.

Image copyright © 1999 Artemis Society International. It contains copyrighted artwork by Vik Olliver and trademarks and signatures of The Lunar Resources Company, used by Artemis Society International by permission of their respective owners. Permission is granted to duplicate and use this image on other web sites provided that the image is used its entirety, unaltered, and that the image is linked only to the Artemis Project web site at Please refer to the statement of copyright linked in the small print at the bottom of this web page for additional information about intellectual property rights.

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