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24 August 1998

The Artemis Project in September Issue of Discover Magazine

Cover for Sept 1998 Discover Magazine

Don't miss the September 1998 issue of Discover Magazine! That issue carries a lengthy article about current efforts to return to the moon for fun and profit. See "What Should We Do With the Moon?" on page 72. The article features the Artemis Project throughout, and includes a survey of other efforts such as robotic sample return missions, robots that would take us on a tour of the sights of the moon via telepresence, and concepts for mining helium-3 for use in fusion power reactors.

Author Fred Guterl quotes extensively from his interviews with Artemis Project founder Gregory Bennett, and includes a brief biographical sketch of how Bennett was lured into the space program when he was still in grade school. He goes on from there to lay out the vision for development of the lunar industrial base, and the grand vision of moon-spanning tourist transportation systems.

The article wraps it all up with a quote from Gregory Bennett that sums up the Artemis Project in two sentences: "Never mind that the entire human species is at stake. We're doing this for fun!"

If you can't find Discover Magazine at your local newsstand, check the Lunar Traders Catalog for back issues.

Errata: The name of the company we formed to serve as the program integrator for the Artemis Project is The Lunar Resources Company, no Lunar Development Company.

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