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5 August 1998

Artemis Project at the World Science Fiction Convention


On Thursday, August 6, 1998, members of Artemis Society International will present the Artemis Project to the members of the 1998 World Science Fiction Convention.

ASI members Larry Niven, Gregory Bennett, and Ian Randal Strock will discuss why the Project is important to the world's science fiction community, and show them how the Artemis Project will open the door to the moon and beyond for everyone who wants to go. The discussions emphasize three vital facts about the Artemis Project:

  1. We're going back to the moon;

  2. We're doing it as a private venture; and

  3. You can go, too!

The presentation is at the Baltimore Convention Center in room 336 at 11:00 A.M.

If you want to fly in space yourself, to Earth orbit, to the moon, or beyond, then you want to become a member of Artemis Society International and join us in this magnificent adventure! You can join online with your credit card, or via paper mail. The membership form is in section 6.5 of the Artemis Data Book.

Enjoy the adventure!

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