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25 May 1998

April 1998 OSF Technical Committee and Progress Reports

by Candace Bartleson

Lunar Development Technical Committee

In the mailing list discussions, Richard Perry presented several sources of information for building a moonbase.

Recreation and Tourism Technical Committee

Discussed was the issue of how to preserve the Apollo, and other landing sites once we've gotten tourism established on the moon. Also, a topic for discussion was presented for starting Earth-based, Lunar-oriented tourism, but nobody has responded.

3D Graphics Technical Committee

  1. Vik Olliver has been officialy appointed as permanent committee chairman.
  2. Neil Sedlak has joined the fold, bringing additional experience in both 2D and 3D graphics formats. Unfortunately, he then went and injured himself, but is expected to be up and running in a few days.
  3. A brief MPEG has been produced of the ELECTRA microlander landing on Luna.
  4. Files can now be imported and exchanged through Wavefront OBJ and Lightwave OWL formats.

Logistics Technical Committee

  1. Posters
  2. Microlander Proposed name "ELECTRA" (Okay, I take the credit).
  3. Ongoing projects
    Launch sites
    • Have listed those in service.
    • Checking on Long March (China) as to usability.
    Launch vehicles
    • List of all available and planned launch vehicles created and posted.
    Language resources
    • Several people with new language resources were identified.
    • Dutch has been added to the list of languages we can now interpret documents or discuss issues in.

The logistics team is operating fairly loosely at this point. Seven members are on as many different other committees to help coordinate the work effort.

Spacecraft Software Technical Committee

As part of the Electra microlander studies, the flight team started the EMDEC study. EMDEC stands for Electra Microlander Descent Efficiency Calculator and is the first part of a detailed simulation of the flight trajectory. The goal of this study is to determine the fuel usage, engine choice, maneuvers and GN&C.

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