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23 May 1998

Artemis Project Live from the International Space Development Conference

International Space Development Conference
Image courtesy of the National Space Society.

The International Space Development Conference is currently underway in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Even if you are unable to attned, you can still participate remotely through a day-long Internet Relay Chat and WebCam session. On Sunday, May 24, we will be webcasting live pictures from all Artemis Project ISDC sessions here on the Artemis Project web site. You can interact with ASI members at ISDC and other session participants during this day-long IRC conference.

Here's the ISDC Artemis schedule for Sunday (all times are Central Daylight Time):

     10:00 am - 11:00 am   Artemis Project Overview

     11:00 am - 12:45 pm   Business Opportunities in the Artemis Project

      2:00 pm -  3:30 pm   Artemis Electronic Communications

      3:30 pm -  5:00 pm   Business of the Moon Workshop

Live Web Cam!

You can see live pictures from the ISDC sessions here on the Artemis Project web.

Note: Turn on Java in your browser before loading the webcam page.

Simulcast on Internet Relay Chat

The IRC conference will take place on the IRC server, port 6667, channel #artemis from 10:00 am CDT to 5:00 pm CDT. Participants in the ISDC session will summarize discussions for all IRC participants. You can ask questions in IRC and they will be relayed to the ISDC session.

Come join us in this unique opportunity to participate in an ISDC without leaving your home!

General information about Internet Relay Chat

About the ISDC

The International Space Development Conference is the major annual conference of the National Space Society. The 1998 ISDC is hosted by Artemis Society International affiliate and Moon Miners Manifesto publisher, the Lunar Reclamation Society in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

For more information about the 1998 ISDC, see section of the Artemis Data Book. After the conference photos and transcripts will be available in that section.

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