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10 March 1998

Richard Perry Speaks to U of Cambridge Astronomical Society

A presentation was made to the University of Cambridge Astronomical Society by a UK member of the Artemis Society International, at their meeting on the 25th February.

Although late in the term, the lecture drew an audience of about 50-60 people and this was in line with lectures given by well known lecturers like Patrick Moore.

Our speaker was Richard Perry and he used a combination of colour overhead transparencies, a section from the BBC programme 'Future Fantastic' and Vik Oliver's latest computer-generated animations to place the Artemis Project in the context of the fast-moving world of commercial manned spaceflight, and to outline the Reference Mission.

The 40-minute talk was followed by about 20 minutes of question and answer, with no questions revealing any problems with our current plans.

The majority of the audience were undergraduates of the University, at various stages in their degree programmes, and provided a very critical test for ASI. It should be noted that the questioning coming from most of audience under the age of 21 went straight to the key issues surrounding our aims, and with those already covered by work performed by members of ASI, we look forward to perhaps some of the audience joining ASI in the near future.

This was only the third Artemis Project talk given in the UK to date, with both the audience numbers and standard of presentation increasing with each opportunity. The UK group will be working towards providing more lecturers and seeking more UK lecture opportunities in the coming months.

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