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30 January 1998

Ian Randal Strock to conduct "Space Frontier Fiction" workshop at ISDC

We pilfered this nifty banner from the National Space Society web site
International Space Development Conference

Ian Randal Strock will conduct the "Space Frontier Fiction" workshop at this year's International Space Development Conference. This writers workshop will discuss on how to write space frontier fiction. Participants will learn how to create plots and story lines set in the solar system, without have to rely on the tired plot devices we see in science fiction today.

"Science Fiction has gotten a bad reputation," said ISDC chairman Peter Kokh. "These days it's all about the alien of the week and the newest theory about government cover-ups. There's still a market for adventure stories about space development set in the solar system. We grew up on this stuff, and we still like to read it."

If you are interested in the workshop, contact Ian Randal Strock at

You'll find some basic information about the 1998 ISDC here on the Artemis Project web.

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