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14 November 1997

Office of Space Flight Reports for Sep 1997 and Oct 1997

Lunar Power Systems Committee

Paul Blase, Chairman

Section of the ADB is up and running. This section contains tech reports generated by the Lunar Power Systems Tech Committee. So far, we have one tech report on fiber-optic lighting systems. Several others are in the works, including one on the use of Stirling-cycle heat engines and another on advanced fuel cells.

Logistics Committee

Bob Reuter, Chairman

We have been investigating the launch sites available to us, at this time we project that only 4 are practical: Russia, USA, Japan, French Guiana. We are not checking sites for actual use, that is a different committee, but rather for the difficulty of shipping and support at each site. Truck sizes and clearances were provided to Greg Bennett for use in design of the mockup/display.

Space Propulsion Committee

Charles Collier, Chairman
  1. New Task List has been uploaded. I do not know where it stands in terms of processing right now.
  2. New files for the engine spec list have been uploaded.
    1. German engine/motor vendors
    2. French engine/motor vendors

Other than that, Simon Rowland has been busy talking to Electric propulsion experts on the possibility of using this type of system for the project. He pointed out a new site that has RL-10, SSME, and other information on hydrogen/oxygen engines.

I (Charles Collier) am currently writing a paper on utilizing fiber-optic sensing systems, with SMA for enhanced sensing capabilities for the review by our committee.

Greg Bennett has suggested that I try to break up the Engine spec list. From some comments, I have read that it is becoming difficult to open onto peoples' browsers. I will endeavor to remedy the situation.

John Kruep received information from me on the Kaiser 900lbf engines he requested. He is going to do a trade study between fuel/oxidizer delivery systems.

Courtesy of Candace Dicks
Office of Space Flight Tech Administrator

Spacecraft Development Project Team and Technical Committees

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