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24 October 1997

Dana Carson To Discuss Artemis Project At MileHiCon

MileHiCon 29
Oct 24-26, 1997
Sheraton Hotel
Lakewood CO.
Memb: $28
Info: (303) 657-5912

Our own Dana Carson will be giving a talk on the Artemis Project at MileHiCon 29 this weekend.

Dana believes one day memberships are $15. (Editor: Warning, our check of the web page didn't mention one day memberships).

Partial Schedule

3:00-4:00Henry Vanderbilt, Space Access Society
4:00-5:00Dana Carson, Artemis Society International
5:00-6:00Robert Zubrin, Mars Direct
7:00-8:00Steve Lee, Hubble Telescope

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