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05 August 1997

New mailing list for the ASI Worldcon Team available

We've created a new mailing list for the ASI Worldcon Team. The Worldcon Team will represent Artemis Society International by staffing a table at the World Science Fiction Convention this August in San Antonio, Texas. To subscribe to the Worldcon mailing list, send email to with the body of your message containing the command:

        subscribe asi-worldcon

If you subscribed to asi-hou just for the Worldcon stuff, you might want to unsubscribe from asi-hou. To do that, the command is:

        unsubscribe asi-hou

You also might want to include the "end" command to tell majordomo not to try to process the rest of your message as commands. That's especially useful if your email system adds a signature file to all your messages. You can put all these commands into a single message to like this:

        subscribe asi-worldcon
        unsubscribe asi-hou

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