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23 July 1997

CyberTeams WebSite Director Makes Its Public Debut at Internet World Show

CyberTeams July 23, 1997, Internet World Summer '97, Chicago, IL -- CyberTeams, Inc. announced today that the latest product in its suite of revolutionary web management and communication tools, WebSite Director, is in beta testing with several clients. The product is already in active production use, managing the large Artemis Project web site at

CyberTeams is a key sponsor of the Artemis Project and Artemis Society International. The company donates use of WebSite Director for the Artemis Project Web Management System, making it possible for the Artemis Society to maintain the large, complex system of documentation on the Artemis Project web site.

WebSite Director manages each step of the process of updating web sites and provides a communication environment that enables companies to leverage the openness of the Internet to keep their teams informed. WebSite Director replaces the chaos of web site management with an ordered process tailored to fit each company's individual needs.

WebSite Director's extremely flexible, automated approval processing capability adapts to your company's organization and procedures, so introducing WebSite Director into your web site management cycle will not require an upheaval in your team. Instead, WebSite Director eliminates your webmasters' burden by managing your web site from content creation through web site publication.

WebSite Director provides a simple interface for submitting web site updates, editing submissions, reviewing, approving, and publishing updates for all authorized users. Users can submit documents via the internet or electronic mail. Once submitted, the documents are automatically routed to the designated people at the proper times. WebSite Director also automatically notifies users of documents awaiting their review. Users can edit documents under review, add comments, and approve documents simply through their web browsers.

WebSite Director runs on several popular web server platforms (Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, SunOS, and HP-UX) and has been optimized for web server usage, including ISP-based web accounts.

WebSite Director's modular design makes effective use of MiniSQL, the SQL database optimized for web servers, while also adhering to all industry standards for HTML, CGI, HTTP, and SMTP. This ensures that WebSite Director will remain an open technology as the Internet grows and adapts to new applications.

WebSite Director will be commercially available in August. A full-featured, time-limited demo will be available for download directly from the CyberTeams web site at Pricing for WebSite Director starts at $4,995.

CyberTeams develops web site management tools and Internet/intranet groupware on the World Wide Web. Our software is specifically created on the web for the web. CyberTeams also provides Internet/intranet systems consulting and integration for our clients.

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