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03 July 1997

Artemis UK Chapter to address Derby SciTech Festival in Derby, UK

06 July 1997

The proto-Artemis UK Chapter will be giving a talk at the Derby SciTech Festival on July 6th at the Assembly Rooms in the centre of Derby. This is a spread-out festival in both location and time around the town, but we are focussed on a three-day 'SciFi-SciFact' slot over the weekend.

Due to the lack of previous exposure of the Artemis Project to the UK audience, we will be adopting a slightly different approach, by using an introductory talk before the Artemis lecture. This aims to break down any conceptual baggage within the general public audience at this event, by briefly detailing a number of other projects such as the X-Prize, Mars Direct, LunaCorp etc., projects which are real and visible.

Thus, we hope to put the lecture in a better context prior to delivery. Note that in the UK, we have no manned space programme, and almost neglible involvment in ESA and NASA activities. We aim to show that not only is commercial space an established spectator sport, but it is also one hell of a participation sport as well!

We will be using two overhead projectors, introductory music and full colour foils and computer graphics to deliver a highly professional presentation.

Andrew Newstead is an experienced speaker who will deliver the main talk, backed by Richard Perry doing the introduction with images and material hot off the press from ISDC97. Anton Wheatley and Steve Hill will be on hand to help man the small stand we will be using at the event, and with pre-publicity around the festival.

This is the first lecture on the Artemis Project in the UK, and we already have two more booked. Our aims are to gain entry and invitation to similar events for the purpose of reaching new members to the society in return for presenting a high-quality and entertaining lecture for our host event and audience.

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