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02 May 1997

Artemis Project featured in article on The Netly News

"Shoot the Moon" by Adelaide Maness on 28 Feb 1997

Adelaide Maness, in an article in The Netly News, describes the Artemis Project in some detail and keeps it fun to read in so doing, tying together quotes from our own Gregory Bennett and Boise Pearson, NASA's Bill Feldman of the Lunar Prospector project and Steve Jackson of SJ Games, and references to Artemis Project participants Carnegie-Mellon University and Final Frontier Jerky.

The article notes some of the challenges Artemis Project must meet along with some of their possible solutions: costs vs. the entertainment possibilities, technical problems vs. in-house physicists and engineers. And, as Adelaide writes, "It's for a good cause: the establishment of the first permanent habitable moon base, America's financial enrichment and maybe the salvation of future generations. Hell, when you put it like that, $1.4 billion seems like a bargain."

The Netly News, as the name suggests, carries an assortment of articles ranging from news and features to editorials, and is a service of Time Warner's

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