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28 April 1997

Artemis Data Book is awarded Space Site of the Week by Space Views

SpaceViews: The Online Publication of Space Exploration

SpaceViews Space Site of the Week Winner!

For the week of April 14, 1997

The Artemis Project's Artemis Data Book has been placed on the "SpaceViews Space Sites of the Week" list for this week. This is a newly-created list recognizing excellence among space-related Web sites. "It's our goal to make this a prime resource for people looking for quality space Web sites."

SpaceViews, a monthly publication of the Boston chapter of the National Space Society and an electronic newsletter of the NSS, covers recent developments in space policy, exploration, development, and more. Readers learn about recent space launches and upcoming events, political developments, cutting-edge research in new space-related technologies, and other areas.

The Artemis Project shares this award with previous winners including its affiliate organization, The SETI League and NASA's Apollo Lunar Surface Journal.

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