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17 April 1997

Ian Strock appears in Absolute Magnitude magazine with The Artemis Project

The Spring 1997 issue of Absolute Magnitude is out, containing an article on the Artemis Project by Ian Randal Strock. In this article, Ian summarizes the U.S. government's Apollo Moon program, contrasting it with the private and commercial Artemis Project. He goes on to describe Greg Bennett's dream in terms of costs, necessary steps along the way and long term benefits such as tourism, then goes on to describe Artemis Project's current status.

This issue also has stories by Barry B. Longyear, Cynthia Ward, Alan Dean Foster, William F. Wu, Rajnar Warja, Robin Wayne Bailey, and Shariann Lewitt, and an article by Allen Steele.

You can find Absolute Magnitude Issue #7 Spring 1997 in bookstores now or you can purchase copies of the magazine from Ian for $5 (he'll cover the postage). Make checks payable to him (since he paid for the copies), and send them to:

Ian Randal Strock, Editor
Artemis Magazine
1380 East 17 Street, Suite 201
Brooklyn, NY 11230 USA

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