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Moon Miners' Manifesto

Moon Miners Manifesto

Section the Artemis Data Book

Pleiades and the Moon Miner's Manifesto

Pleiades, the Artemis Society's newsletter, has merged with the Moon Miner's Manifesto to provide both audiences with a higher calibre product. The Moon Miner's Manifesto and archives of its issues (and Pleiades!) are now on the web at

The Moon Miner's Manifesto is magazine about the Moon and near-Earth space technologies and policy. It is published monthly (except Jan and Aug) by the Lunar Reclamation Society (NSS-Milwaukee) for members of it and 10 other chapters of the National Space Society, Artemis Society International, and for individual subscribers worldwide.

Contents of this issue of Moon Miners' Manifesto

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Moon Miners' Manifesto is published 10 times a year by the Lunar Reclamation Society for Artemis Society International, several chapters of the National Space Society, and individual subscribers world-wide.
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