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Moon Miners' Manifesto

#107 July 1997

Section the Artemis Data Book

Looking Back at Earth

Looking Back at Earth

A 'neat' button I saw at some science fiction convention a few years back boasted "Happiness is seeing Earth through your rear view mirror." The sight of Earth from afar will always be the occasion of pride in achievement - "we've made it - we've broken out of the Cradle!" But more than that, Earth just hanging there in space will be a vision that for many nearside Lunan pioneers will serve as a psychological umbilical to their roots. That aside, the vision of Earth from anywhere, in itself will present the most colorful, most ever-changing, most fascinating, most inarguably beautiful sight to be seen from any vantage point anywhere in the Solar System. For more, see the article "Earth: Color Medley Calendar in the Moon's Nearside Sky" in this issue.

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