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Moon Miners' Manifesto

#93 March 1996

Section the Artemis Data Book

This Month in the OSF

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  We're finally getting the Technical Committees organized! This month we collected all the information on who has volunteered for which committee, and set up a structure for managing the work.

  The Space Flight Technical Council is the core of this organization, responsible for both the technical committees and the project teams. NOTE: Where we haven't formally established agreements with the supporting organizations, we're still listing Greg Bennett as acting in those roles.[*]

ASI Office of Space Flight - Technical Council

Space Flight Development Members: ASI Representatives

Technical Council Administrator

  Candace Dicks, the Technical Council Administrator, maintains the records of each committee's membership, charter, and any other adminsitrative information the OSF needs. She also maintains this information on Artemis Society International's world wide web site. Soon you'll be able to look up each technical committee and project team on the web. The main index is at

Configuration Management Data Base Administrator:

  Doug Cross is Administrator for the Configuration Management Data Base, and leader of the configuration management team. We're still working out the best tools to define and maintain the reference configuration. When you come up with a configuration option that changes the weight, cost, or whatever for a part of the spacecraft, Doug will update the data base.

 We're (literally) a world-wide organization, so we can generate a lot of chaos. To keep the chaos under control, we'll establish a system where the reference configuration gets updated when the update is approved by the project team leader who is reponsible for that part of the spacecraft.

  Each member of the Technical Council is reponsible for managing the work of the organizations within each discipline. The following tables list which committees and project teams report to each member of the Technical Council.

  In this issue we're listing only the titles; we'll fill in the names in future issues of Pleiades.

[Note: For names, look in the the Technical Committee and Project Team directories of the Artemis Data Book.]

Director, Advanced Programs Director, Mission Development Director, Spacecraft Systems Design Director, Spacecraft Production Project Team Leader, Spacecraft Development
  • Project Team Leader, Microlander

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