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Moon Miners' Manifesto

#93 March 1996

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MMM#93 NSS Party Platform Resolutions

Dear Fellow Voters;

  Most experts agree that science and technology are crucial for economic growth in the United States. The aerospace industry has a long history of economic spin-offs. However, it needs our support to provide challenging jobs for Americans, develop new technologies that benefit all of us, and provide international leadership as we explore the vast resources of space.

  Therefore, the National Space Society, a nonprofit, educational group, asks for your help to get 7 policy statements into the major party platforms this year.

  In most states, all you need to do is take the resolutions (4 copies suggested) to your local precinct caucus or convention (call your local party HQ for when and where) and have them considered by your neighbors. If enough precincts pass them (or amended ones that are similar), they will move to higher levels of consideration, and hopefully, be adopted as positions of party candidates.

  Brief background justification is provided in the Whereas portion of each resolution. If you need additional information, please contact me. For more information on the National Space Society, call 1-800-376-0RBIT (0724 [note 'orbit' begins with a zero]). Please distribute these resolutions as widely as possible!

Marianne J. Dyson, Member NSS Board of Directors
(713) 486-4747 or e-mail:

1. Access to Space as a NASA Priority

  Whereas drastically lowering the cost of access to space is the single most important action towards development of new aerospace businesses and opening the final frontier to the public;

  Therefore, be it resolved that the __________ Party of __________ (State) supports continued federal funding of research and development of reusable launch vehicles as a top priority of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration in order to provide the public and businesses of this country routine affordable access to space within the next decade.

2. The International Space Station

  Whereas an International Space Station will demonstrate the means for people to routinely live and work in space on a permanent basis, doing construction, servicing, medical, scientific, and engineering work; and NASA has kept the program on budget and on schedule for the past 2 years,  Therefore, be it resolved that the __________ Party of __________ (State) supports continued federal funding to build and operate the International Space Station.

3. Private Launch Companies to Assume Liability

  Whereas private launch companies are practically prevented from flying humans into space by excessive liability risks and lack of international agreements;

  Therefore, be it resolved that the __________ Party of __________ (State) asks the United States government to act to limit private liability as has been done for international commercial airlines and to work with other countries to amend the Warsaw Convention on Passenger Liability to include human spaceflight.

4. Space-Based Solar Power

  Whereas new technologies have become available which could significantly reduce the cost of space-based solar power satellites as clean long-term replacements for non-renewable energy sources, potentially allowing the US to be the future's prime energy exporter;

  Therefore, be it resolved that the __________ Party of __________ (State) supports the funding of a demonstration project to test utilizing space-based solar power to supply energy to space facilities and to Earth as a potential new technology growth area.

5. Reject the United Nations Moon Treaty; Create a Registry for Private Property Claims in Space

  Whereas the United States never ratified the UN Agreement Governing the Activities of States on the Moon and Other Celestial Bodies (a.k.a., the Moon Treaty) which disallows ownership of property of any part of the Moon by any government, national organization, or natural person; and whereas this treaty entered into force in 1984; and

  Whereas the 1967 Outer Space Treaty which the United States did ratify requires governments to authorize and supervise all public and private space launches;

  Therefore, be it resolved that the __________ Party of __________ (State) asks the United States government to protect potential individual and corporate property rights by remaining firm in its opposition to the Moon Treaty; and in preparation for future frontier businesses and homesteaders, open discussions with signatories of the 1967 Outer Space Treaty to establish a legal means to allow land grants for space settlement and create a US Federal registry for private property claims on the Moon and other bodies in the Solar System.6. NASA's Discovery Program

  Whereas the National Aeronautics and Space Administration's Discovery program allows the testing of new technologies and gathering of scientific data at a fraction of the cost of previous such missions;

  Therefore, be it resolved that the __________ Party of __________ (State) supports continued funding for NASA's Discovery missions including the Lunar Prospector mapping mission and a Near-Earth asteroid rendezvous both scheduled for launch in 1996.

7. Tax Incentives for New Space Business

  To strengthen our space capabilities through the development of new technologies while creating new businesses that will generate future tax revenues, The __________ Party of __________ (State) supports the establishment of tax exemptions for space-manufactured products and space-based energy sources; tax-exempt bonds for spaceports and space-based facilities (such as provided for airports); and investment tax credits for space research and development.

[NOTE: If individuals or local groups choose to make any changes or revisions to the above suggested reso-lutions, they may do so, but then are not free to label the revised resolutions as sponsored or endorsed by the National Space Society, without prior approval of the revised language by NSS Policy Committee.]

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