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Moon Miners' Manifesto

#91 December 1995

Section the Artemis Data Book

MMM#91 Simulations article

by Michael H.Bennett, Simulation Technical Committee Chairman

  Simulations are computer programs which model or mimic the behavior of physical systems. They are used to predict or explore capabilities and limitations. With simulations, we can train pilots without leaving the ground, or test parts or components which haven't even been developed yet. Throughout the Artemis Project, simulations will be developed and used to verify designs, analyze mission parameters, provide training for astronauts, educate the public, and generate revenue.

Mission Statement

  The objective of the Simulation Technical Team of the Artemis Society International is to support all phases of the Artemis Project with accurate, timely, and cost-effective simulations. The types of simulations fall into four basic categories:

  The Artemis Project provides a unique opportunity for simulation development. As a systems engineer, I relish the chance to work on a project like this from the very beginning. By applying the best techniques of software engineering now, at the beginning, we will be able to minimize development costs in the future without sacrificing accuracy.

  By maintaining a consistent approach over the development of all simulations during the project, we will reduce the amount of redevelopment which commonly occurs on similar projects. We will find it easy to reuse "parts" of previously written programs for the training devices which we develop.

  Inputs to simulations from technical groups will provide the tools to model the complex systems of the Artemis Project, from mission trajectories to LTV [Lunar Transfer Vehicle] design parameters. In return, the Simulation Technical Committee will provide the analyses which enable the engineers to improve their designs. We will teach the astronauts to fly, to ensure that they are safe and confident. Our simulations will help create the entertainment necessary to fund the Artemis Project, through virtual reality "tours," ridefilms, video games and flight simulators, all based on the real spacecraft under development. Through all this, we will help to inspire the public, and open their eyes to the endless possibilities.

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