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Moon Miners' Manifesto

#91 December 1995

Section the Artemis Data Book

MMM#91 Letter from the President

NOTE: Candace Dicks is now organizing Technical Committees

  Last month we heard from Pat Bennett about her efforts to organize the membership of Artemis Society International into Technical Committees. She has received quite a response to her request for volunteers, and the Technical Committees are starting to take shape. This month we feature an article about the first Committee to be organized, the Simulation Technical Committee. Look for future articles about the fun projects these Committees are taking on to make the Artemis Project happen.

Participating Online

  We are finding that one of the toughest challenges we face is efficiently communicating about the Artemis Project. The artemis-list email discussion group has grown so large that we're working on a breakup of the discussion group by topic, possibly in Usenet News format. For the time being, we've added a daily digest service, concatenating all of the day's messages into a single email message. This should help alleviate mailbox clutter, reducing the number of mail messages to one per day.

  To join the email discussion group, send an email message to <>, with the body of your message being, "subscribe artemis-list".

  To receive the email discussion in digest form, send an email message to <>, with the body of your message being, "subscribe artemis-digest".

  One of the communications challenges is presenting the Artemis Project to people who are interested, without overwhelming them. The Project encompasses so many ideas and disciplines, it is hard for a newcomer to grasp it all at once. To help address this concern, we are redesigning the WWW site to provide a more orderly introduction to the Project for newcomers, and easy access to information for those already involved. The new web site will include information on the technical committees and how to join in on the fun, local and international chapters, and current projects. Keep an eye out for the changes, and let us know what you think.

Dual Entitlements to MMM and ASI dues

  Finally, there has been some question about subscription and membership rates from people who are members of ASI, but already receive MMM from another source. For those who already receive MMM, ASI team membership dues are reduced from $25/year to $15/year.

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