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Moon Miners' Manifesto

#91 December 1995

Section the Artemis Data Book

MMM#91 Mailbag column

Thanks, Artemis! - 9/29/95

  I remember, as a kid, watching "Space: 1999" and dreaming of someday living and working on the moon. I could conveniently forget that they were blasted out of orbit by a nuclear explosion on the lunar surface. I would someday be an engineer or a scientist and help to develop the moon into a habitable place for humans to live. The planets call out to us, and in my childhood innocence, I believed that the moon was the perfect connecting node en route to our solar neighbors.

  Well, like a lot of my friends, I grew up and found out that colonizing the moon was just a pipe dream to encourage kids to learn science and math. So, I settled for just becoming a plain, vanilla, moon-walking-wanna-be, engineer/scientist.

  But lo, just when I thought all hope was lost for access to the moon, what should I come across, but a home page for the Artemis Project. I want to thank you guys for making a dent in my attitude about living on the moon. I have actually changed the direction of my life because of your project.

Philip Hay, Tucson, Arizona

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