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Moon Miners' Manifesto

#90 November 1995

Section the Artemis Data Book

MMM Welcome to ASI Members

Welcome Artemis Society Members!

You are now receiving Moon Miners' Manifesto as a membership benefit. MMM will carry Artemis Society International news and announcements in the Pleiades supplement, as well as articles contributed by ASI members. This issue, look for the ASI News. Now at 20 pages, MMM will expand soon to 24 pages, to serve ASI.

MMM has a long reputation for a great mix of fresh reasoned speculative articles about our future on the moon (occasional theme issues on Mars, the asteroids, and space settlements), space news, and member/group announcements. We do not carry articles or letters dealing with inside politics, preferring to spend precious energies in more productive ways. You will like our repeated emphasis on private enterprise and entrepreneurialism. We share your view - we want people in general in space, not just token public scouts!

You are sharing this newsletter with members of eight (of eighty-some) local chapters of the National Space Society, a non-profit membership organization like ASI with a compatible and complementary focus. NSS' goal is "the establishment of a spacefaring civilization with human communities beyond Earth." But the approach differs in that it concentrates on public outreach and political advocacy of legislation to help remove obstacles and to facilitate commercial space endeavors as well as to promote a more vigorous national space program.

The MMM staff in Milwaukee thinks this is a great deal for all involved. The doubling of our circulation will lead to a series of upgrades in the appearance and quality of MMM, which next month begins its 10th year of uninterrupted publication, month after month after month, with you on board!

With the help of Artemis Society International's resources and conncections, we can look for MMM to get better and better.

We expect a lot of letters, too many to print. Please, if you are writing as a member of Artemis Society International, send your letters to Moon Miners' Manifesto care of Artemis Society International Headquarters.

The ASI staff will select the most interesting and informative and forward them to us for publication. This will help relieve added pressure on the MMM staff in Milwaukee. Enjoy! --PK

Contents of this issue of Moon Miners' Manifesto

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