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Moon Miners' Manifesto

#90 November 1995

Section the Artemis Data Book

How you can help the Artemis Project

Web Editor's Note: This article which appeared in issue #90 of Moon Miners' Manifesto has been updated here on the web to avoid confusion.

We are currently coordinating the technical committees and trying to facilitate information flow between everyone in the Artemis Project. Right now we are establishing a database for all personnel involved and are asking you to respond to the following questions. Please write to

  1. Your name, phone #, mailing address, email
  2. Occupation (resumé or bio helpful)
  3. Are you currently a member of the Artemis Society?
  4. Computer languages you speak or program with
  5. Kind of computer you have (ibm/clone/mac/other/none)
  6. Specific areas in which you would like to be a "driving force" (heavily involved in the decision making process)?
  7. Areas in which you have a "mild interest" (along for the ride)
  8. If you are already involved and working on certain areas of the Artemis Project:
    1. What is your goal?
    2. What is your current status?
    3. Who is also working on this project with you?
    4. What obstacles do you forsee/have you already encountered?
    5. Do you have a plan to overcome these obstacles, or do you need a hand in brainstorming?

Please be as specific as possible in your answers.

A brief description of identified job jar topics

Below is the original "Job Jar" created for the Artemis Project in 1994. The project needs your talent in all these areas. You will find links to more up-to-date (and more complete) descriptions of projects you can work on to advance the Artemis Project in section 6.0 of the Artemis Data Book.

  1. News and announcements. Newsletter (MMM/Pleiades)
  2. Mission design - first flight (simulation software, time line, source code)
  3. Access to low Earth orbit (current available launchers)
  4. Earth orbit to lunar surface (flight path, phase of Moon)
  5. Site selection (various needs to establish lunar base)
  6. Lunar surface operations (activities, needs)
  7. Ascent and rendezvous
  8. Return to Earth (aerobrakes vs. rockets)
  9. Earth orbit operations
  10. Future development
  11. Expanding the lunar base
  12. Lunar mining
  13. Science on the moon
  14. Alternative Lunar Transfer Vehicle (LTV) missions
  15. Cislunar space traffic model
  16. Support to planetary missions
  17. Development of space habitats
  18. Recreation and tourism
  19. Spacecraft design
  20. Lunar transfer vehicle (space station node, lab, design & resource requirements, etc.)
  21. Descent stage (integration, design, resources, parts list, etc.)
  22. Lunar habitat (integration, design, resources, parts list, etc.)
  23. Ascent stage (integration, design, resources, parts list, etc.)
  24. Surface vehicles and robots
  25. Systems design
  26. Guidance, Navigation, Control, Communications
  27. Electrical power (day/night/storage)
  28. Life support systems
  29. Pressure vessels (habitat hulls)
  30. Structures and mechanisms
  31. EVA systems (airlocks, space suits)
  32. Propulsion and fuels
  33. Mission equipment (mining, film/video production, etc.)
  34. Testing and verification
  35. Publications (MMM/Pleiades, Artemis Magazine)
  36. Business (corporation, conferences, competition analysis)
  37. The Balance Sheet (accounting)
  38. Cost Analysis (compiling cost data, estimation procedures)
  39. Financing the project
  40. Revenue sources (advertising, marketing, merchandising, moviemaking)
  41. Legal and political issues (identify, overcome obstacles)
  42. Electronic communication
  43. The Artemis Society (establishing local chapters, collaboration with existing groups)

This list is, of course, tentative. It will be expanded, modified, adapted, rearranged, etc. based on need and upon your input.

If you are not yet a member of Artemis Society International, please refer to the membership information page on the Artemis Project web.

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