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Moon Miners' Manifesto

#90 November 1995

Section the Artemis Data Book

About the Artemis Society

The Artemis Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to conducting educational, technical, legal, and financial activities to encourage the establishment of a self-supporting permanent human presence on the moon. The primary focus of the Artemis Society is the Artemis Project, a lunar base project described in the following article.

If you're serious about wanting to live on the moon, you want to join the Artemis Society. The Society was formed in August 1994 to provide a way for everyone to participate directly in building the lunar base project. Less than 5% of the work needs to be done by rocket scientists, so you can make a significant contribution to your future in space even if you don't have a PhD in astronautics. There are thousands of things you can do to help, so whatever your interests are, the project has a fun way you can contribute your time and talent to making it happen.

We are currently in the process of forming various Technical Committees to start organizing and coordinating all of the fun people have been having with the project for the last year. These Committees will be groups of Artemis Society members and members of similarly focused organizations actively working to put this project together. We encourage all of our members to contact one of the Committees (or look into starting one yourself) to have fun lending their time and talents to putting us back on the moon. Look for more information on the Committees in this and future issues.

Several local groups are forming to provide members in local areas an opportunity to get together and work on some aspect of the project, or just meet other people who are working toward the same goals. Those of you interested in joining or starting a local chapter of the Artemis Society should contact ASI at PO Box 4878, Huntsville, AL 35815.

Here is a look at the membership that ASI currently offers. Send membership correspondence to ASI at PO Box 4878, Huntsville, AL 35815; please make checks payable to "Artemis Society International".

Artemis Team Membership $25/year

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