Pleiades #99 October 1996
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Pleiades (MMM #99)

Letter from the President

This month we feature a set of minutes from the Mission Design Technical Committee's September meeting. The MDTC has been working to refine the important parameters of the Reference Mission such as the orbital mechanics, delta-V, weights and timeline. The minutes give you a glimpse into the work they have been doing, and serve as a model of the records that all the Technical Committees and unofficial local chapters should be keeping. These minutes serve as a way to document what we are accomplishing, both for the committee/chapter'ssake, and to help share those accomplishments with the Society at large. We look forward to presenting similar information from various committees and local chapters each month. We also look forward toseeing the results of the work ongoing in the MDTC.

Duncan Graphic Services, Orange, California, has produced the latest in a wonderful series of Fact Sheets and Flyers about the Artemis Project and Artemis Society International. Several thousand were distributed to attendees of this year's Science Fiction WorldCon in Los Angeles, and were a big hit.

We've made arrangements with Duncan Graphic Services to allow all ASI organizations and members to obtain copies of these flyers. This can be done in two ways. Electronic versions of the flyer can be obtained in PDF format (contact Randall Severy at and printed locally, or printed versions may be contracted from Duncan Graphic Services (contact DGS at 1401 N. Batavia, Suite 102, Orange, CA, 92667). It should be noted that flyers printed by Duncan Graphic Services will be of better quality than those printed locally from a PDF file. Duncan Graphic Services has graciously donated the artwork and layout of these impressive flyers to Artemis Society International, and subcontracts the printing to a printing shop in Orange. Printing costs for the flyers should be obtained locally by the committee, chapter, or member requesting the flyers.

We would like to introduce a proud new sponsor of Artemis Society International, Illuminati Online. Illuminati Online (IO) is a Texas-based Internet Service Provider affiliated with Steve Jackson Games. Some of you will recognize Steve Jackson Games as one of the premiere organizations in the gaming industry. The name of the ISP is a reference to one of their more popular games. IO is now hosting ASI's electronic communications, including our internet domain, mailing lists and WWW site. The move should be transparent to the casual user of our electronic services. You can find IO on the WWW at ( Take a moment to drop them a line of thanks, and help show our appreciation for members of the commercial community who share our vision.

See you at the Luna City Hotel!!
J Boise Pearson
President, Artemis Society International

Pleiades #99 October 1996

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