Pleiades #97 July 1996
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Pleiades (MMM #97)

Letter from the President

Over the past few months, members of Artemis Society International have been discussing how we should structure local chapters of the Artemis Society. Most of these discussions have been happening on the Asi-Org-Local mailing list, where members from around the world can participate. Those discussions are continuing at Artemis '96, and we hope to have the details worked out by the time you receive the next issue of Pleiades and Moon Miners' Manifesto. If you are interested in participating in these discussions, you can correspond via standard mail, or join the email discussion group. To join in on the electronic discussion , send a message to, with the body of your message being: "join asi-org-local", without the quotes.

In this issue are the details of the new membership structure that was mentioned in the May, 1996 issue. The new membership structure is simplified, with only one level of membership (the former Team Membership), and with Founding members retaining their distinction as Founders.

The WWW site continues to expand as a wonderful source of information about the Artemis Project. This growth is all taking place under the direction of Webmaster Dana Carson and Electronic Communications Committee Chairman Randall Severy. Thanks to them, and all the members of the ECTC and WWW team for a fine job of putting it all together.

As this issue goes to press, we are getting ready for Artemis '96, which will have passed by the time you read this. We have plenty of work scheduled for the participants, and hope to come away with a lot accomplished. The focus will be on organizing the Artemis Project, with the goal of putting us on the shortest path to the Moon. Look for details in the August, 1996 issue.

See you at the Luna City Hotel!!
J Boise Pearson
President, Artemis Society International

Pleiades #97 July 1996

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