Pleiades #96 June 1996
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Pleiades (MMM #96)

Letter from the President

My message this month is one of optimism and excitement. The Artemis Society is dedicated to putting mankind back on the Moon, and bootstrapping private industry into space. And each day I see evidence that things are coming together for a new renaissance in the space industry. Government and industry are working toward reducing launch costs by an order of magnitude. Technology is advancing so rapidly that people are discarding obsolete home computers more powerful than any flown during the Apollo era. Amateur groups are vying for the honor of being the first to launch a home-built rocket into space. The communications industry has proven that commercial space flight can not only be routine, but profitable. Several companies have been formed to offer robotic lunar missions. The latest evidence in this long list is the official announcement of the X-prize, a $10 million prize offered to the first private group to pull off a manned sub-orbital flight.

Why is this significant?, and what does it have to do with the Artemis Project? The significance is that great changes are coming, in both our views of, and access to, space. The more innovation, sweat and tears are applied to the task of putting you in space, and on the Moon, the closer you will get. One of the goals of the Artemis Project is to help bootstrap private industry into space. Though "synergy" has become a buzzword and has started to lose its meaning, it appropriately describes the relationship between th many efforts going on right now to push back the barriers to space. Success of other space ventures, whether robotic missions to the Moon, or capturing the X-prize, only generate confidence and excitement in the concept of private space ventures. I'm excited by all this activity, proud to be a part of it, and proud to join you in helping to break open our next frontier.

See you at the Luna City Hotel!!
J Boise Pearson
President, Artemis Society International

Pleiades #96 June 1996

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