Pleiades #95 May 1996
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Pleiades (MMM #95)

Letter from the President

This last year has taught us a lot about you, the membership of ASI. We've come to know you as a dedicated, visionary group of individuals, scattered around the globe, willing to put your time and talents to work to make our common dream a reality. We've also come to recognize that each individual contributes to the Artemis Project in their own way. Some have contributed their time and energy, and others have been in a position to contribute financially. We want to thank everyone for those contributions, of every kind.

Simplified Membership Structure
We also realized that our membership structure favored those who were financially capable of paying higher membership dues. Over the past few months, we've had a team working on a new, simplified membership structure to help remedy that situation, and separate financial contributions from Artemis Society International membership. In the future, we will offer a single Artemis Team Membership to all members of the Artemis Society. Other membership levels will no longer be available, though Artemis Society Founders will retain that distinction. For the bulk of members, this will be no change at all, except to know how much we value your membership and efforts to get us to the moon.

Artemis Magazine
Also in this issue, you will hear from one of the commercial participants in the Artemis Project, Artemis Magazine. The commercial side of the Artemis Project is a major focus for this year, and will be the heart of the Artemis '96 working conference in Houston, June 28-30 (don't forget, registration closes June 1). [see MMM #94 APR '96, pg 12]

For thos of you with a taste for business and access to email, we've established an Art-Biz mailing list. The mailing list serves as a forum for participants in the Artemis Project to brainstorm and plan about possible Artemis-related business ventures. We expect several ideas take shape and become the commercial side of the Artemis Project over the next few months. To participate in the art-biz mailing list discussion, send an email message to with the body of your message being:

join art-biz

See you at the Luna City Hotel!!
J Boise Pearson
President, Artemis Society International

Pleiades #95 May 1996

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