Pleiades #92 February 1996
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Pleiades (MMM #92)

Pleiades (MMM #92)

Artemis Society International
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Pleiades (MMM #92)

Boise Pearson

Letter From the President

We've started this new year off with a flurry of activity that promises a big year for Artemis Society International. Last month we heard from the Electronic Communications Technical Committee (ECTC) about their plans to put together all the communications infrastructure necessary to support the Artemis Project. The first mailing lists are up and running, and new ones can be added as necessary.

If you feel we could use an email list to better serve your ASI Committee or project, contact the ECTC Chairman, Randall Severy, at or the ASI mailing address.

The Artemis Data Book serves the purpose of archive and reference for the Artemis Project. It is a living document, designed to be constantly updated with work done by members of the Artemis Society on all aspects of the Artemis Project, from designs for the Luna City Hotel bath towels (gotta have something for the guests to steal!) to launch vehicle trade studies for the first flight.

The Artemis Data Book has been placed on the ASI WWW site to make it available for reference and updates. As work on the Project progresses, results will be added to the Data Book, providing a stable base of work on which to build.

Project Leads and Committee Chairmen will be given the responsibility to organize the results generated by their Projects and Committees for addition to the Artemis Data Book.

We've been very pleased with our new relationship with the Lunar Reclamation Society through the joint publication of our monthly, Pleiades, with Moon Miners' Manifesto and Moon Miners' Review. We hope you have enjoyed the quality and timeliness of this joint publication as a benefit of your membership in Artemis Society International.

The Artemis Society passed its first year of existence at the end of August. Those of you who joined in that first year had your memberships extended for an additional six months while we caught up with our unexpected growth in membership and transitioned to our new headquarters in Huntsville, Alabama.

Starting this month, and over the next year, members will start to receive membership renewals. At renewal time, please take a few moments to review the past membership year and let me know your impressions. What have been the highlights, things you have enjoyed about your membership, perhaps the things that got you excited about working our way to the Moon? Where do you feel we could improve, helping to make membership something worth having or putting us one step closer to the Moon? Your feedback is important to the future of Artemis Society International.

Thanks for your continued support. Together we can make this dream happen. See you at the Luna City Hotel!!

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Pleiades #92 February 1996

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