Pleiades #90 November 1995
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Pleiades (MMM #90)

Letter from the President

Beginning with the issue you hold in your hands, members of the Artemis Society are in for a real treat. In order to provide our members with news and information on a regular basis, and to increase the quality and quantity of lunar colonization material that lands in your mailbox, we have decided to offer Moon Miners' Manifesto as a membership benefit. Our newsletter, Pleiades, has become the Artemis section of MMM.

Let me apologize for the intermittent nature of Pleiades in the past. The excitement of a project to put people (and perhaps you, one day soon) on the Moon helped the Society membership grow faster than we could keep up with. One of the areas we had the most trouble with was regular publication of a newsletter to keep our members updated and supplied with information on the Project. This arrangement with the publishers of MMM will ensure that we can handle our current membership, and provide for our future growth.

The advantages of this new arrangement to everyone involved are numerous. Members of Artemis Society International will receive this publication regularly, something we have had trouble with in the past. The Lunar Reclamation Society, publishers of MMM, will begin their tenth year of continuous publication this December. This issue represents nine years of insightful articles and editorials on a multitude of subjects related to successful colonization of our nearest neighbor. ASI members will now become a part of this ongoing effort. I think you will be pleased at the quality and insightfulness that has been the hallmark of MMM over the past nine years.

We are excited to be combining forces with organizations whose goals are similar to ours. This exposure to ideas from many corners of the lunar community can only help to stimulate the creativity and action that is needed to put us back on the Moon, this time to stay.

We welcome your comments and suggestions and submissions as we start off with this new publication. Let us know what you would like to see in future issues. We will be handling the editing for the ASI section of each issue here at ASI. Send your comments to MMM c/o ASI, P O Box 4878, Huntsville, AL, 35815.

Enjoy the rest of the issue!!
J Boise Pearson
President, Artemis Society International

Pleiades #90 November 1995

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