Business Plan
Section 5.5.3.
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Lunar Sample Return Program Participants

Program Management

Of course, The Lunar Resources Company is very interested in this one if we can put together a viable business plan. If there are no other companies that will invest in the mission, LRC will manage the program.

Spacecraft and Mission Development

Without taking the courtesy of asking them first, let's assume the nice folks at LunaCorp, International Space Enterprises, Carnegie-Mellon University, Lockheed Martin, and Boeing would be happy to participate if we can put together a business plan and raise the capital. We also can reasonably expect that TransOrbital would be interesting in developing and flying the spacecraft. I'll apologize up front to all these companies because this puts them on the spot -- they'd have to say "no" rather than "yes" -- and plead that we're only trying to establish the feasibility of the lunar sample return program at this point.

Sales and Marketing

We don't know as of this point. Does anyone have suggestions?

Business Plan

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