Business Plan
Section 5.5.3.
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Preliminary Financial Statement for Lunar Sample Return

Pro Forma Financial Statement

We're not quite ready to do a complete pro forma financial statement, but based on the cost analysis above, we can get started with it.

Program Cost

The bottom line is that we need initial capital of $420 million to get those samples home, plus $231 million for subsequent missions. Profit from the first mission ought to pay for subsequent missions, so let's assume total capital required is $420 million.

The next step is to figure out how much moon stuff we get for this much money, and whether proceeds from the sale of that moon stuff yields investors a good return on investment.

Let's schedule out the capital requirement, based on taking four years to get to launch with a program start of January 1, 1997. Assumptions made about when we need the capital should be obvious from the way the numbers are spread.

                            Total  1997    1998    1999    2000   2001
     Launcher                 110                   110
     Carrier Spacecraft        50    25      25
     Robotic Element           70    35      35
     Mission Control Element   40    10      10      20
     Recovery Operations       30                            10     20
     Marketing                 50     5       5      10      15     15
     Program Wraps             70    15      15      15      15     10

     Totals                   420    90      90     155      40     45

Program Revenues


We'll need to model the whole program in more detail to even begin to guess at revenues. Although the marketing analysis deems it premature, we'll need to do some market surveys later on. Perhaps local chapters of the Artemis Society would be willing to distribute a questionnaire, interview folks at the local shopping centers, or contact dealers of jewelry and collectables? How about contacting folks who might want lunar samples for scientific or public display purposes -- planetariums, museums, universities, all those planetologists who attend the Lunar and Planetary Science Conferences?

Business Plan

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