Contribution to Long-Range Plans
Section 5.5.2.
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Effect on the Artemis Project

Most of the non-recurring costs expended for the lunar sample return project will reduce the cost of the first manned Artemis Project mission accordingly. We have to develop the same capabilities and infrastructure to accomplish this fight as we will when we send people and lunar base hardware to the moon. So, in addition to producing some early revenues, this mission will also reduce the cost of the reference mission. See also another essay which expands on this.

It is difficult to evaluate the effect this mission will have on revenues to be earned from the manned missions. It nibbles away at part of the market, but at the same time promises a very significant marketing value, adding public exposure and credibility to the whole program. In general, the advantages appear to outweigh the disadvantages; but further detailed analysis of the business impacts of the program will be needed before we can draw a firm conclusion.

Contribution to Long-Range Plans

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