Flight Crew Requirements
Section 4.6.1.
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Crew Selection Requirements

Crew selection divides into two groups. The first flight or two will be distinct because these folks are vital to the motion picture business. Once the lunar base is in full operation, it's easier to define crew requirements (and hence more difficult to decide who will be on each crew).

For all flights, crewmembers must be: (a) physically able to make the flight, (b) mentally and physically able to do the work for the specific crew position on that flight, whatever it might be, and (c) mentally stable enough so as not to be a significant hazard to other crewmembers or a risk to mission success. You can be crazy as a loon by societal standards, but not dangerously crazy.

But for the first flight, we have to maximize our chances of mission success; and that mission includes bringing home a well-recorded, fascinating story that lets everyone on Earth share the experience.

First, the technical skills. The crew will have to (a) pilot the vehicle in zero-g as well as powered flight to and from the lunar surface (well, two of them have to be able to), (b) communicate technical information among themselves and to the Earth-based control center, (c) set up the lunar base, (d) perform EVA in zero-g and on the lunar surface, (e) operate some complex and life-critical machinery, (f) assay the site on the moon, (g) perform on-site repair as required, (h) learn a host of procedures, (i) make quick decisions to resolve in-flight anomalies, (j) cooperate with mission control but operate autonomously, and (k) maintain the physical and mental health of themselves and their crewmates.

We can identify a few tickets that would help document the ability to do all those things. These are not necessarily requirements [yet], but are highly desirable bits of documentation:

  1. College degree, specialized training, or extended experience in technical subjects

  2. Pilot's license

  3. Scuba card and open-water diving experience

  4. Medical degree or EMT ticket

But it doesn't stop there. Our first crew are also actors and the entire on-site production crew. They're also the most visible speakers for the project. That adds a lot to the personal characteristics and skills they'll need.

Lots of people have asked if there will be a woman on the crew. Altruistic reasons for finally planting some female footprints on the moon aside (which would be sufficient reason for most), it's just plain good business to have at least one woman on the flight. So far we have seen the moon only from the perspective of a stereotypical alpha male, and even that filtered to its dispassionate maximum.

Besides, women in the audience should have someone to identify with, and someone they can ask what it will be like when they get to go. As for us males, well, a world with women in it is much more interesting. If your goal for moving to the moon is to live in a misogynist monastery, we'll be happy to sell you the equipment for your own habitat on the other side of the mountains well away from Moonbase Artemis, and wish you the very best for your chosen lifestyle.

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Flight Crew Requirements

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