Flight Crew Requirements
Section 4.6.1.
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Crew Selection Criteria

Today, most astronauts are over-qualified for the tasks they have to do in space. For EVA in particular, mechanical skills and upper body strength are the essential abilities; a PhD in astrophysics is not a significant criterion.

For the first Artemis Project mission (and maybe the next few), one of the most important criteria will be stage presence. That is, the crew members must be able to relate the experience to the audience. It's not going to be an easy job, because at the same time they also must perform all the duties of an astronaut, write scripts, set up lights, align cameras, direct a scene, and do almost everything else you see in those long credit crawls. They'll get some help from the ground, but they are essentially both crew and cast for the most outrageous location shoot in history.

Experience in acting, directing, and being a stage hand would be a big help.

Stage presence continues to be vital when they get home because more than anyone else, the crew will speak for the project. So they'll have be willing and able to sign away 10 years or more of their lives to making it happen.

The project needs spacefarers more like John Young and Storey Musgrave and Bob Overmyer than like John Glen and Neil Armstrong. We need people who can bring the experience home to everyone else, and who will stay with it even after the flight rather than going off to pursue their own personal interests. Postgraduate college degrees don't play a major factor in crew selection. The most important technical skills are in piloting and geology, but every member of the crew will have to be a jack of all trades with demonstrated competence in handling electronics and machinery.

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Flight Crew Requirements

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