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Propellant Tank Manufacturers

These companies manufacture tanks for rocket propellants.

ARDÉ, INC., Norwood, New Jersey, USA
Makes several sizes and types of liquid propellant storage tanks: aluminum, aluminum-graphite, CRES (corrosion-resistant steel), and Inconel.

Carleton Technologies, Orchard Park, New York, USA
Carleton Technologies Pressure Vessels
The Pressure Technology Division in Glenn Burnie, Maryland makes cylindrical composite pressure vessels among many other aerospace products.

ITW Chemtronics, Kennesaw, Georgia, USA. (A division of Illinois Tool Works, Glenview, Illinois, USA.)
Makes laboratory supplies. So why are they on this list?

Smiths Aerospace, London, England, UK
Smiths Industries Aerospace and Dowty Group merged to from Smiths Aerospace; the largest European based aerospace equipment company; has nearly half of its businesses and sales revenues in Europe and half in North America. Makes engines, aircraft structures, aircraft electronics, mechanical seals, polymer seals, medical equipment, industrial plumbing for gas systems, composite propellers, hydraulic lines, aircraft fuel manifolds and fuel injectors, battlefield chemical and biological detectors, marine navigation systems, drop tanks for fighter aircraft, lighted switches and annunciators, linear actuators,

Keystone Engineering, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hamilton Sundstrand, which is part of United Technologies. Los Angeles, California and Ontario, California, USA.
Makes satellite propellant tanks among other products. Only company that can do spin-forming and precision machining under the same roof, it says here.

Armament and Technical Products - Lincoln Operations, an operating unit of General Dynamics, Lincoln, Nebraska, USA.
Makes high-pressure tanks for spacecraft, missiles, and aircraft; filament-wound rocket body tubes; and other things.

Luxfer Gas Cylinders, Riverside, California; Nottingham, England
Makes cylindrical gas tanks for terrestrial applications -- fire extinguishers, scuba tanks, medical and other life support applications, inflating boats, alternative fuel vehicles. Seamless extruded aluminum and composite materials. Operating pressures range from 2200 to 3000 psi.

Newport Scientific
Makes high-pressure plumbing part used in spacecraft propulsion systems.

Pressure Systems Inc. PCI
Pressure Systems Inc. Tanks Specializes in (very expensive) titanium fuel tanks for high-performance satellites.

Structural Composites Industries
"The world leader in composite cylinder manufacturing." (No product information available on the web site.)



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