Rocket Engine Specifications
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German Rocket Engine Vendors

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  • Germany
  • DASA

    Bipropellant (MON/MMH) Thrusters
    DASA has developed a 4-27,500 N range of bipropellant thrusters, together with fill systems and
    fill & drain valves.  Almost 600 units have been produced for satellites such as Galileo, TDF,
    Telecom 2, Hispasat, Turksat & Cluster.

    Control Thrusters

    S10 Thruster

    Dry Mass(gm) 0.350 kg
    Length(cm) 138 mm
    Diameter(cm) 67 mm
    Mounting Method fixed
    Engine Cycle pressure fed
    Oxidizer MON
    Fuel monomethyl hydrazine
    Mixture Ratio 1.55-1.72 over thrust range
    Thrust 8-11.4 N vacuum
    Isp 287 sec
    Expansion Ratio 90
    Combustion Chamber Pressure ~18 atm over thrust range

    S4 Thruster

    Dry Mass 0.270 kg
    Length 105mm
    Diameter 29 mm
    Mounting Method fixed
    Oxidizer MON
    Fuel monomethyl hydrazine
    Engine Cycle pressure fed, at 5-25 atm
    Thrust 1.77-5.26N
    Isp 290 sec
    Mixture Ratio 1.5-1.85 over thrust range
    Expansion Ratio 190

    Ariane L9 Engine

    Engine Cycle pump-fed (feed pressure 18.0 atm)
    Dry Mass 111 kg
    Length 2195 mm
    Max Diameter 1263 mm
    Mounting Method gimballed +/- 6 degrees by electromechanical actuators
    Oxidizer N2O4 at 5.89 kg/s
    Fuel monomethyl hydrazine at 2.87 kg/s
    Mixture Ratio 2.05:1
    Thrust 27.5 kN vacuum
    Isp 324 sec vacuum (potential 331 sec)
    Pressure 10.42 atm
    Expansion Ratio 83.3:1
    Cooling regeneratively (fuel) cooled nozzle to 10:1 area ratio
    Materials stainless steel inner liner with milled cooling passages and electrolytically deposited 
    nickel layer for outer closure
    Injector 132-element coaxial.  Fuels enter injector from the chamber cooling channels.  Oxidizer is distributed to elements via manifold at rear.
    Nozzle Cooling radiation cooled extension below 10:1 area ratio

    S400 Engine

    Fuel monomethyl hydrazine
    Mixture Ratio 1.64:1
    Oxidizer MON
    Dry Mass 2.8 kg
    Mounting Method fixed
    Engine Cycle pressure fed, at 18 atm
    Length 531 mm
    Max Diameter 248 mm
    Expansion Bell stainless steel
    Thrust 400N
    Isp 308 sec
    Expansion Ratio 102/150
    Combustion Chamber Pressure 6.9 atm
    Combustion Chamber Materials stainless steel using MMH regenerative cooling
    Injector stainless steel swirl injector, double cone

    S3K Engine

    Dry Mass 14.5 kg
    Length 1030 mm
    Max Diameter 530 mm
    Mounting Method fixed
    Engine Cycle pressure fed
    Oxidizer MON 3
    Fuel monomethyl hydrazine
    Thrust 3500 N
    Isp 352 sec
    Mixture Ratio 1.6-2.1
    Expansion Ratio 125
    Combustion Chamber Pressure 9-12 atm

    Rocket Engine Specifications

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