Life Support Systems
Section 4.3.5.
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The following is a list of papers with related materials, but located elsewhere on the World Wide Web

Advanced Life Support Food Development: A New Challenge
This paper by Yael Vodovotz and Charles T. Bourland discusses issues in food production from a limited variety of agricultural products in closed-loop life support systems.
Human Needs in Space - Chapter 3 erStudy/Chapt3.html
From NASA's 1975 Summer Study on orbital settlements, discussing many aspects of human needs, including but not limited to life support issues.
Choosing Among Alternatives - Chapter 4 erStudy/Chapt4.html"
A section examining options in life support for a space habitat in orbit.
The basics of ecological model for the lunar base.

The Duckweed ClearingHouse, a growing amount of field research/trials.

Some more information on duckweed.

Life Support Systems

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