Life Support Systems
Section 4.3.5.
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Human Daily Needs and Effluents

Reference: NASA RP-1324, "Designing for Human Presence in Space: An Introduction to Environmental Control and Life Support Systems", Paul O. Wieland, 1994, Marshall Space Flight Center, Huntsville, Alabama.

These data agree with NASA-STD-3000, Man Systems Integration Standards, Figure, page 5-120.


                             lbs    kg
   Oxygen                    1.84   0.84
   Food solids               1.36   0.62
   Water in food             2.54   1.15
   Food prep water           1.67   0.76
   Drink                     3.56   1.62
   Metabolized water         0.76   0.35
   Hand & face wash water    9.00   4.09
   Dish wash water           5.45   2.48
   Shower water              6.00   2.73
   Urine flush water         1.09   0.49
   Clothes wash water       27.50  12.50


   Carbon Dioxide            2.20   1.00
   LiOH to extract CO2       1.57   0.71
   Water, Respiration and
     Perspiration            5.02   2.28
   Food Preparation,
    Latent Water             0.08   0.036
   Urine                     3.31   1.50
   Urine flush water         1.09   0.49
   Feces water               0.20   0.091
   Sweat solids              0.04   0.018
   Urine solids              0.13   0.059
   Feces solids              0.07   0.032
   Hygiene water            27.68  12.58
   Clothes wash water       27.50  12.50

These values are per person per day, based on an average metabolic rate of 136.7 W/person (11,200 Btu/person/day) and a respiration quotient of 0.87. The values will be higher when activity levels are greater and for larger than average people. The respiration quotient is the molar ratio of CO2 generated to O2 consumed.

See also the study on consumables for the moonbase.

Life Support Systems

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