Spacecraft Design
Section 4.2.
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Soyuz Module Dimensions

From front to back ...

Orbital module: roughly spherical, 2.25 m X 2.64 m
Reentry module: bell-shaped, 2.2 m long X 2.3 m diameter
Service module: cylinder 2.3 m long* X 2.3 m diam, with flare to 2.72 m

Those are the dimensions of the original Soyuz module.

*I scaled some dimensions off a drawing of Soyuz-T, and got exactly the same dimensions except that the service module is 2.8 m long.

The Soyuz-T is the current workhorse of the Russian space program. The total width of the spacecraft with its solar arrays deployed is 10.6 m.

Reference: Almanac of Soviet Manned Space Flight, by Dennis Newkirk, 1990, Gulf Publishing Company, Houston, Texas, USA.

(That was the best reference I could find. I also checked Red Star in Orbit by James Oberg, Diary of a Cosmonaut by Valentin Lebedev, the Encyclopedia of Science and Invention, and Above and Beyond (another encyclopedia); but none of these had better dimensions. I just don't have the same quality of documentation for Soyuz that I do for Apollo and Shuttle.)

Spacecraft Design

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