Ascent Vehicle
Section 4.2.4.
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Ascent Stage Fuel Specifications

Fuel: UDMH (unsymmetrical dimethylhydrazine)
Oxydizer: N2O4 (nitrogen tetroxide)
Mixture: 2.6 oxydizer:fuel, by weight
Isp: 287 @ Pc=1000 psia, Tc=5190 deg R, c*=5680 ft/sec
Dry Weight: 1627 lb (includes 3 crew @ 250 lb each + 200 lb payload)
Delta V: 6131 (ascent + rendezvous + braking burns)
Mass Ratio: 1.98
UDMH Density: 49.0 lb/cu ft
N2O4 Density: 89.5 lb/cu ft
UDMH Mass: 446 lb
N2O4 Mass: 1157 lb
Ascent Fuel Volume 9.07 cu ft
Ascent Oxydizer Volume 12.93 cu ft

Ref: Pratt & Whitney Vest Pocket Aeronautical Handbook, page 78.

Ascent Vehicle

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