Lunar Habitat
Section 4.2.3.
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Airlock Hatch Notes

This is a 1:60 diagram of the airlock attached to the Lunar Base habitat's single hatch. The three hatches are arbitrarily labeled:

Diagram of Reference Mission Airlock

Hatch C provides an EVA route while the spacecraft are en route to the moon, before they separate. It also provides an ingress route while the stack is docked to another spacecraft in low earth orbit. (The other vehicle might be Soyuz capsule, space station, or docking adaptor on a Space Shuttle Orbiter.)

There will be a similar hatch at the front of the Lunar Transfer Vehicle so that we can seal up the LTV once the rest of the stack leaves. See section 4.2.1 for more information about the LTV.

Lunar Habitat

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