Descent Stage
Section 4.2.2.
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Descent Fuel Mass and Volume

For the descent stage, the volume of descent stage oxygen tanks will be 239,658 in3. The volume of descent stage hydrogen tanks is 771,780 in3.

Using spherical tanks, we could have 1 oxygen tank 39" radius, and 6 hydrogen tanks 31" radius. Or with cylindrical tanks, they might be 6 feet long, with the single oxygen tank 36 inches in diameter, and 6 hydrogen tanks 26 inches in diameter.

Total landed weight is 19,830 lbs. Propellants total 11,844 lbs, of which 1,974 lbs is H2 and 9,870 lbs is O2. The descent stage specific impulse is 444.4 s, based on an RL-10-A-3-3A engine.

The current total mass injected to LEO is 127,183 lbs.

Descent Stage

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