Mass Properties
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Full Stack Mass Properties Version 1.0

Name                    Weight  X Station  Y of CG  Z of CG   Ixx          Iyy          Izz
                                  of CG

                          (lb)   (ft)      (ft)     (ft)     (sl ft2)     (sl ft2)     (sl ft2)
LTV Dry Total          7,000.00  26.59      0.00    -0.60    3,612.55    44,858.95    44,808.91 
100% LTV Propellant   94,000.00  28.20      0.00     0.00   61,719.00   145,456.00   145,456.00

  Total LTV CM       101,000.00  28.09      0.00    -0.04

Hab/Desc Dry Total    17,100.00 -15.46      0.00    -0.94   10,828.96    43,771.52    43,748.07
100% Desc Propellant  12,000.00 -33.50      0.00     0.00    3,216.50     1,292.60     1,292.60

  Total Hab/Desc      29,100.00 -22.90      0.00    -0.55

Ascent Dry Total       1,400.00 -35.21    -12.00     0.00
100% Ascent Propellant 1,500.00 -35.00    -12.00     0.00

  Total Ascent         2,900.00 -35.10    -12.00     0.00

  Total Stack        133,000.00  15.55     -0.26    -0.15   92,538.92 2,369,601.39 2,381,775.80

Release Notes:

This is the initial release of the Full Stack Mass Properties sheet. It has been put together to serve primarily as a seed for my spreadsheet. As such, all values contained in this sheet are to be treated as extremely preliminary. Unless otherwise noted, consider all quantities to have a very high degree of uncertainty associated with them. Please see the individual vehicle (LTV, Habitat/Desc Stage, or Ascent Stage) mass properties sheets for a breakdown of each vehicle's mass properties. Please see the Propellant Mass Calculation sheet for a breakdown of the propellant masses. Please see the LTV Mass Properties Coordinate System pages for a description of the coordinate system in which the Centers of Gravity and Moments of Inertia are represented.

  1. The total mass properties shown at the bottom of the table are for the full Artemis stack in Earth orbit, prior to any burns.

  2. The Propellant masses have been rounded from the values found in the Fuel Mass Calculation sheet. Propellant moments of inertia have been computed using these rounded values.

  3. The Habitat and Descent Stage Dry Total contains 600 lbs for astronaut space suit backpacks.

  4. The Ascent Stage Dry Total contains the 750 lbs for the astronauts and their space suits. EVA backpacks are left on the lunar surface. It does not contain the 200 lbs of lunar samples to be returned.

Planned enhancements to this and other pages include: