Mass Properties
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Ascent Stage Coordinate System

Description of the Coordinate System used in the Ascent Stage Mass Properties

The coordinate system used to derive the Ascent Stage Mass Properties is shown below.

This coordinate system is defined as follows: The x-axis points forward along the main axis (center line) of the Ascent Stage main strucutral ring. The x-z plane is nominally the plane of symmetry for the vehicle, with the z-axis pointing along the direction of the center astronaut's feet. The y-axis completes the right hand system, and nominally points out the right side of the center astronaut. The coordinate system origin is 15 feet forward of the aft end of the main structural ring of the Ascent Stage.

The origin of the coordinate system is defined to have an x-axis Body Station Number of zero. The x-axis Body Station Numbers INCREASE along the NEGATIVE x-axis, so that the front end of the Ascent Stage has an approximate Body Station Number of +12 feet (+144 inches).

Mass Properties

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