LEO Staging Base
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Image and Description of LEO Staging Base

This is an image of the Artemis Project reference mission orbital servicing facility. This is a low-resolution version of the completed work.

Image of Orbital Servicing Facility
Image of orbital servicing facility, copyright ©1997 by Vik Olliver. Spacecraft designs are copyright ©1997 and trademarks of the Lunar Resources Company.

At the top are two Soyuz modules attached to a 6-way docking adaptor. Above and below the docking adaptor is a Pressurized Mating Adaptor for Shuttle dockings and a SPACEHAB module on the far side, closest to the moonship stack. This PMA is optional, and will probably not be launched for the first flight. The SPACEHAB module is a pressurized volume for the space station, allowing the facility to conduct science, zero-gravity manufacturing, and to house more people (for example, the Soyuz pilots during the trip to the moon and back).

The SPACEHAB module is attached to a T-shaped airlock module, which has a dedicated airlock on the third port. This airlock may be moved to one of the free ports on the 6-way adaptor module.

Then is the reference mission spacecraft, the long, slim stack at the bottom which stretches from left to right. The Lunar Transfer Vehicle service module is in the far left, then the LTV command module, a T-shaped airlock (connected to the main space station), the lunar base habitat, and a descent stage with an ascent vehicle attached to the side.

A long truss runs parallel to the moonship stack, with two gold foil-covered service modules for the station at either end. The space station's service module contain electronics, pumps, pipes, tanks, batteries, etc. A manipulator arm like the one found on the International Space Station is also mounted on the truss, and extends to the lower right.

The photovoltaics are the blue panels all pointed at the sun. The two dark panels pointed edge-on with the sun are the stations's thermal radiator.

LEO Staging Base

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